virtualbox 3

Virtualbox storms along at a good pace.
I started with VMware many moons ago but when I heard of VBox I had to try it!
I ran both for a while as Vbox was tricky to set network bridges up and Vmware was so much easier. I preferred Vbox tho, and waited for them to make bridges easier, and they did!
Since then I have converted all my old vmdk’s to vdi’s and haven’t used vmware since. (I may use vmplayer if I need to run Win95/98 etc. but I will try to resist!)

Any way my scenario is as follows:
a. Hardy host with VBox 2.2 with the following guests:
b. Jaunty (evaluation to update hardy host when stable)
c. Puppy (I always have a Puppy linux available!)
d. ‘TEST’ for just checking iso’s are bootable before burning, and evaluating new OS’es – currently having trouble getting slackware 12.2 to boot after install…
e. Solaris – jumpstart server
f. Win2k – slower
g. WinXP – slow
h. Vista – slowest
i. Win7 – snail

Jaunty, Puppy, Vista are kept as saved systems (Vista ocasionally rebooted when nothing else going on)
Jaunty is my main desktop (Kubuntu) while I migrate apps from Hardy – currently having problems with akregator – crashes and asks for debug stuff to be sent to somewhere – but then debug crashes so no output to send! running it from console now so stdout might contain something useful.

So that’s me for now – looking forward to tesing VBOX 3 (haven’t got an smp to test with but will play with new gui features)

see you next time…


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