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more crunchbang (fixed!)

October 22, 2009

it’s working well on my hp dv2000 but I have icons in the tray area which just disappear after a while/sometimes. The wireless one stays but sometimes the battery/charge and loudspeaker ones appear and stay for a while¬† nd then disappear again.

Anyone got a clue?
regards Nigel

it seems that gnome-power-manager was set to display icon only when charging or discharging…!


lug radio live

October 22, 2009

looking forward to lugradio live and oggcamp this weekend.

finally meet the linux outlaws and maybe have a drink or 2…

see you there…

8 screens of death!

October 20, 2009

so far so good. I only get the ‘8 screens of death’ when it shuts down and is about to power off! I have set conky up to monitor temps and everything seems to hover at the 50 ish mark.

HP laptop with CB

October 10, 2009

now trying CB on a HP DV2500 laptop which Iwas given to sort a problem where it overheats running Vista and the screen goes to 8 ‘mini’ screens totally at random. Word from the net appears to say this model has this problem shortly after warranty expires. Splatted Vista with CB to see if a less hungry OS will cope with it.

regards Nigel