Puppy linux review

hello all

this is a quick review of Puppy linux (4.3.1). It’s a distro I just keep coming back to having tried many others.

Pros: it is small and economical on resources so will run on virtually any PC. It is by far the easiest to put on a usb stick – just tell it to and confirm a few other buttons and it’s done, others need to download this and copy that, but not Puppy! There is a thriving community and many MANY people contribute s/w for all to use with just a click-n-go type install. It will also save your settings for use after shutdown so it can apply them when you restart Puppy.

Cons: It doesn’t look like a typical linux installed system – this is not a problem, just to bare in mind – newbies can just use it for browsing, playing music all the normal things – gurus can explore deeper to make it do even more. If you do trash it, you can re-install in about 5 mins.

Note: you have to keep an eye on your home directory as this gets saved every half hour and relies on a pup-save file to contain it. A problem I have found is that most apps tend to default downloading stuff into your home directory and this can fill the save file file. So either move stuff out after downloading or download to another disk (probably internal) to save space.

I have tried other linuxes (latest was Crunchbang) but they all become bloated which is the reason I left MS behind a long time ago! I also like carrying a usb stick instead of a laptop!

So feel free to reply here with comments – good or bad!


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