Back to Crunchbang!

haven’t posted for a while, must do more!

Put Crunchbang (Jaunty) on my trusty old HP NC6000 and it just hums along. I seem to throw anything at it and it keeps saying ‘gimme more!’

Everything just seems to work, wireless, superkeys, mousepad (even with 2 finger sliding!) all right out of the ‘box’!

I thought I would try virtualbox, and it runs one vm quite happily, and I have an XP and a Statler now (NOT at the same time – don’t want to make it scream in pain!). I also wanted to play with redhat(ish) so I installed ClearOS, but even though its just a console, it does run at 100% so may have to find a smaller webserver – any ideas?

Anyway, lovin’ it at the moment. It runs everything I need skype, pidgin, gwibber (would like to go Pino, but need Statler for that – deps etc.), canto (also need Statler for latest version), calcurse, firefox, alpine,but I must admit I am scared (it might not be so perfect with Statler)

Anyway, bye for now, keep you posted, Nigel


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