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July 22, 2010

haven’t posted for a while, must do more!

Put Crunchbang (Jaunty) on my trusty old HP NC6000 and it just hums along. I seem to throw anything at it and it keeps saying ‘gimme more!’

Everything just seems to work, wireless, superkeys, mousepad (even with 2 finger sliding!) all right out of the ‘box’!

I thought I would try virtualbox, and it runs one vm quite happily, and I have an XP and a Statler now (NOT at the same time – don’t want to make it scream in pain!). I also wanted to play with redhat(ish) so I installed ClearOS, but even though its just a console, it does run at 100% so may have to find a smaller webserver – any ideas?

Anyway, lovin’ it at the moment. It runs everything I need skype, pidgin, gwibber (would like to go Pino, but need Statler for that – deps etc.), canto (also need Statler for latest version), calcurse, firefox, alpine,but I must admit I am scared (it might not be so perfect with Statler)

Anyway, bye for now, keep you posted, Nigel



July 17, 2009

Hello all.

Just came across a new (to me) distro called Ultilex.

It is a bootable cd with a difference. When it boots, it goes to a menu of 5 different distros: Slax, Puppy, Tiny Core, PartedMagic and SystemRescueCD. Even more than this each distro has a number of boot options to install on I think any type of intel system, even quite small/old systems. There are even some 64bit options as well.

I have tried several in Virtualbox and they all seem to work well.
It just gets better! – there are also instructions to put it all on a usb stick. I haven’t found any downside to this yet, so it will become my main ‘rescue’ cd from now on and will repace several others.

Keep an eye on this ‘cos its going to do well!